16 May 2010

Late Night Plans

The fuss about quilts has got me thinking about returning to my 'Lifelong quilt' that began life in Spring 1994. Peace effervesces from it and dappled sparkley light from the huge swooshing trees outside the windows of my Mother's house appear on it when I look at it, still in progress. It was abandoned to make a big quilt for a friend that had patches of poetry written into it and then I started moving, living here and there, carting the box of pieces around various homes and having an ever extending project list. Not once have I imagined I wouldn't finish it in the last 16 years; it is an absolutely ongoing and current project. It was just about this time of year that I started it. You can't get the material anymore so It being made slowly out of scraps and finds. It is MY quilt in such an importantly soul enhancing way and I am thankful for the quilt fuss. I will make plans to get my sewing machine fixed today.

On to other less savoury magpie habits, I am enjoying these clashing acrylic nasties bought for a pound from the market.

I am enjoying the smallness of these needles. Ilove all things small. Stacking tupperware, travel toothbrushes, that mini-dental floss you see at M&S checkouts - SO cute. And so I love my new tiny bamboo needles. Only 20cm long and absolutely exactly what I need for bunny making.

Big things are also good.

And this is just plain and simple good.

6 May 2010

Bunny Birthing

I recieved this pic of a Knitted Nursery display in a bookshop window!!

More bunny activity has been taking place.
This one will go to a new born wee thing born
proudly into a Deaf family.

It evolved in my bag on the morning trains.

Currently legless but almost ready for its last journey.