12 March 2012


Once every two years it seems, I go on a completion drive, following through, pushing forward, finalizing, doggedly dotting the last i.
Today's completion is a cot blanket for Bean. Finished. Phew.

5 March 2012


So time has passed and twisted like an accordian chewing out a tune and since I last blogged I have moved house, moved jobs and moved cities. That old life has had a veil drawn over it and is no longer accessible. I miss the people, the places, the smells and the light. Now I'm a new mum and a new life is unfolding in a new place. Changing your life and giving up your habitual rituals is challenging.

In my new life I don't have a job (not a paid one) and so I need a place to talk about stuff and making and making stuff. My struggle with downsizing my clutter had a moving-house-boost but stuff still haunts and shackles me. I have everything and still I shop.

Here's what I'm in the process of completing at the moment:-