7 December 2010


A finished object from the book 'Knitted Wild Animals' by GMC. Super easy. Didn't like the seams but it's fast and I like fast. I knitted it for a grown man.

He'll be joined by a hippopotamus in due course.
On to other taxonomic groups, I'm looking forward to planning my yearly Christmas craft binge.
Christmas is mental detox time for me when I shut myself up with my folks and settle down to two weeks of craft with a blanket over my knees. The planning is the best bit and today my new favourite thing arrived - Musk ox yarn!!!

It's 8 times warmer than wool and is combed from the bellies of these beautiful, far away, arctic creatures. My ball is combined 50:50 with angora bunny fur. It's going to be an Ishbel for my Mum. I'm being practical and assuming I won't get it done before Christmas, so I'm planning she can watch it grow with me over the christmas hols, measured by afternoon films and idleness.

2 December 2010

Crazy with the Mitts

It all started because I bought another single ball of yarn again - chronic magpie-ing. So this time I bought a pattern to go with it to try to get to the end of the tunnel and see what that feels like to complete, instead of living only in the world of yarn possibilities. I didn't think I was up to it. And now I'm addicted. Mitten madness has set in.
The first - buffalo undercoat spun into yarn.

The second some pure alpaca complete with bits of straw here and there which I was grateful to half-wear in this freeze as I approached completion.

And now for some heavenly blue sky.
Guess what you're getting for Christmas.