9 October 2010

Knitting and Stitching goodies

One of the best things so far about the show has been the discovery of yarn made from possum fur. Possums are nocturnal, marsupial, tree dwelling creatures from Australia, introduced to New Zealand and now considered a pest there. It's a bit like knitting with rat and I'm very much looking forward to it.

My favourite treat was these bobbins from www.clothkits.co.uk. Their strapline is 'Make Time'. Very apt for me and my crammed life. The ticking may appear as part of my 'Lifelong Quilt'.

And finally, I can't wait to get started on this little guy from Knitted Wild Animals. I was planning to design a monkey, but if this guy is as nice to knit as he looks, then I won't need to. Progress report soon.

We're going back tomorrow for the last crazy, oversubscribed, hedy mix of fabric, buttons, books and delicious yarn.

7 October 2010

The Knitting and Stitching Show

Just as I was taking this photo a beam of sunlight broke through the glass ceiling of Alexandra Palace and crashed down onto our table display.

It was a lot of fun today - too much to take in on one trip. Back tommorrow for more. Come and see us if you're there at the GMC stand.

3 October 2010


So much has been happening this summer I've barely caught my breath. Finally I have some snatched seconds to share some happy-making things; starting with this gorgeous bunch of hydrangeas and roses I brought home from a shoot in a florists last week - they're still going strong after seven days!

Second I've been stockpiling some bunnies (still in progress) who will accompany us to the knitting and stitching show this weekend. We're doing book signings so please come and see us and say hello - it's at Alexandra Palace in London from the 7th to 10th Oct. I'll publish the signing times later in the week. We are V. excited!

I tried out a mini-bunny (below). He doesn't look it in the photo but he is very small and wee. I will give all the bunnies their smiles on the train each day this week. I feel it needs special attention as it's the process that wakes them up and brings them to life. When I was little I solidly believed all my toys were really alive and I still think these little guys have definite characters sewn into them. Their faces wake them up like Ted Hughes' poem 'Wodwo' (Go look that up - it's worth it).

And here's an extra happy making review from Lapdog creations who loves the book. Thank you lapdog. http://www.lapdogcreations.com/