29 June 2009


I've had some long nights recently. This is what I saw at the end of a very, very, very long day at work. It made it all worth it. It's a time I never ever see coming at it from the other end.
And this is what kept me up till dawn one Tuesday night......more checks and balances..

Accompanied by a cat keeping vigil.
Until after an angel's worth of patience..

Even she packed up and went to sleep

A couple of hours later and I was off again, beaten about the head by this rather fabulous explosion in my front garden.

28 June 2009

Thrift for Tea

I had to go to Eastbourne last week and the place was a complete surprise. Proud of it's big skies, sea and space. Everyone seemed to be retired which made it feel gentle and perhaps as a result it had storming Vintage! - I missed my train back by a minute, which left a whole hour to sift through thrift at the charity shops lined up along the road near the station.

I found these 50s brooches - a fabulous little bow and a rabbit corsage.

And I fell for the freckled patina on this little silver afternoon tea set.

I spent the journey home wondering what afternoon teas these things might have witnessed. Parties and courtships, talk with vicars and neighbours. Stolen kisses.

Other recent tea time thrift include these 70s cups from Wales

And some deep recycling - I seived my old drawers to find childhood and family pins.

The gold cow head brooch was my first ever purchase - aged 6, having saved pennies for months. It was, and is, a treasure of gigantic proportions. The silver horse was pinned to my school skirt and the gold flowers were my Great Grandmother's gift to my auntie for her 21st. I shall be wearing them to tea, to let them add to their memories, and should indecision strike, I shall simply wear them all at once!

16 June 2009

The beauty of trains..

Is that

you can get

so much


This is the body of my Draughty dog - one of the patterns for The Knitted Nursery, he's undergoing testing on a first great western to Taunton. Still to be sewn up, however, and currently, unceremoniously stuffed into the landing cupboard. Soon Draughty dog, soon...

Check Mates

This weekend was all about checking in with friends and pawing over patterns to make sure The Knitted Nursery is as perfect as I can make it. It was lovely seeing the layouts and lovely sitting at a bureau in my friend's inspiring new house, slowly counting stitches whilst a tame robin sat outside on the roof! A lovely chore.