26 September 2014

The joy in each stitch

Knitting has a trajectory, and sooner or later we are ready for the challenge of a lace shawl. I must have knitted this whole thing twice as I unpicked my mistakes. The end result nourishes me with it's weighty, rippling drape that slithers out of your hands. It has its own soul and it is immensely satisfying. I've already started my next one...

30 June 2014

And some knitting.. And penguins...

                                                              Drops eyelet baby cardi


Woah!, what a trip.

Little sweet pea is sleeping through till 5am and although I haven't had one full nights sleep since..um August 25th 2013 (that's like almost a year isn't it!) I am slightly able to engage with life again and remember why people do creative stuff that has absolutely no purpose but is just fun. Imagine having the energy to just do stuff for the hell of it and no other reason. I hope and deeply wish my body will return to a place of energy and frivolousness. Enough to knit, or draw or dream. Deep breath.
She's ten months old, won't let me put her down for a second, and to me, is utterly delicious.

Here we are on hols in a cottage at the beach. Mmmmm beaches, deep love for beaches and their skies. I found myself watching shapes in the cotton wool kiddie drawn clouds and hunting for shells and perfect pebbles with the littlies. Idleness, fresh winds, hot sun, empty days, big and little sandy feet and sleeeeeeeep. xxx