12 March 2011

Thank you Asphyxia

I've been reading Asphyxia's blog. http://fixiefoo.typepad.com She has inspired me to be more open, let it hang out, say my goals out loud in public and make the whole of life more homemade. It doesn't have to be just 'craft' focussed into craft sessions. She makes all her presents, clothes, food, does home-schooling and also, amazingly, built her own house. She looks deep into herself for her inspiration, comes up with plans and sticks to them! She seems to be relentlessly positive or manages herself in a positive way and rather than give me life envy she inspires me to get on with my own stuff. To be inspired today watch her video of 'The Grimstones' www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhhqn-fb-Is her blog details the evolution of how she created it.

So for the rest of this year, in Asphyxia style, I want to try and stick to the following:-

* I want to NOT buy any more clothes or jewellery or books for the whole year. I just bought myself some and now I really don't need anything. I have some beautiful fabric that I want to make dresses with so if I need new clothes i can reconnect with my sewing machine. I will also not buy stationary or yarn until i use up what I've got which may take some time.

* I want to try going for one whole month without spending anything that is non-essential - food, bills, transport and see what happens. Starting this month.

* I want to continue to give away or sell one thing every day. This has been going really well and it has eased the clutter by about 30%. I want to get to 100%. A house that feels in the present moment without baggage.

* I want to cut down on fat. A lot of relatives starting having heart attacks in their 50s and I don't have a sweet tooth I have a fat tooth. I want to allow myself space to prepare and eat huge raw salads in the evenings like I used to. I'm lucky to love this healthy food as much as chocolate so it makes my body happy.

* I want one pyjama day a week to use to be creative and release that side of myself that wants to cut out cardboard, do tiny paintings, create installations from junk and take photos of spoons.

* I want to reconsider my long-time dream of building my own tiny house. I had written it off in recent years but I know the dream would support me if I found ways to let it loose.

* I am going to try and make all my presents this year.

I hope that by the end of the year my house will be the sanctuary I want after four years of doing it up and at that point I want to be ready to turn out into the world and start the next section of my life - (middle-age) - with gusto. xx

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  1. I couldn't imagine going a whole year without buying any books. Clothes are easy but books...no way! Yours in one of the 2011 must buys.
    I think I could easily do with getting rid of one thing a day though. I might have to make that a goal for the next few weeks.