9 January 2010

One week into a Decade

Although I've broken all my New Year's resolutions, a spirit of renewel is abroad and I am clearing my clogging backlog.

First, the thing is done:

Second, I have pulled everything out of all the cupboards and this feels like progress.

A pruning, editing, purging will ensue. Research reveals that apparently one needs only 10 things in one's wardrobe:

A little black dress
A pair of jeans
A pencil skirt
A smart pair of trousers
A day to night fancy top
A white shirt
A jacket
A day dress
A trench coat
Leisure wear for slob activities, preferably made from velour.

Perhaps one might want to add to this exacting list a pair of pyjamas or socks or even some knickers. I'm not seeing mention of even a cardigan. Quite obviously the thing I just made will have to go.

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