30 January 2010


The sifting and sorting continues and as order appears, I find I have almost three of everything. So that's why there's no space! It seems I forget what I already have and set out to forage to find things that were never lost. There is a profound truth here. That what we need is already with us. If we are alive, well and fed, then everything is provided. I resolve to wear my finest things every day, they will help me remember that I have all I need.

Letting go of hoarded things is emotional. Each object is an experience, a feeling, a day when you wore it. An idea. They are all anchors - secure and grounding, but ultimately holding you down. Now that things are being unstuck, let go of, exiting, the flow is starting to feel good.

So to celebrate my new slimline dressing table, I bought some pretty bangles ;)

So now to the kitchen. Removing an entire room's worth of material posessions to make way for building work brings equally revealing insights into my hoarding habits. Enough crockery to host a feast! It is a particular weakness of mine and is taking up two big shelves, five boxes and a sofa.

The poor old kitchen is itching to slough off its skin and some of its crockery burden. We'll see how that goes. Maybe I want to host a feast.

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