14 March 2010

The Knitted Nursery

The book is finally out - 15 months after it was first conceived over a kitchen table. It's had nice reviews so far and we're delighted. The designs are meant to be easy to achieve. With a UFO stash like mine to think of, this is an important consideration.

The bunny for example is only a couple of days of commute time. Done in pieces it's an on-the-go project for public transport knitters like me and easily achievable whilst also holding a conversation at the same time - another important factor in my pattern choices. Multi-task knitting is essential in the metropolis.

Seeing the book become a real thing has inspired me to knit the patterns over again - this time though I'm going to use 4-ply cotton and tiny needles and make a little mini bunny in pink. Yes I'm woman enough to knit a cute pink bunny for myself on the train without feeling threatened by all the sensible commuters reading the paper. Happy knitting.

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