27 March 2010

Things not worth keeping.

I finally caved in to the powerful and perfectly poised useless beauty of a Ruth Cross purse. I don't need a purse but then I didn't buy it for its purseness, I bought it because I am a willing participant in the idea that this is an object of purity, simplicity and beautiful otherworldliness.
It is a religious artefact, a votive presence, a thing of authenticity. We are being taught that the way to transcendance is through things. What was life like before we shopped for our identity. Why doesn't my practical everyday purse do the same job for me. And what is the nature of this authenticity as opposed to that authenticity.

I might put it up on the wall in a frame. Or even use it. I will be watching as it's significance pales and the marketing fades to find out what this thing really is.
I have been reading about 'Breakdown' by Michael Landy in which he destroyed all 7227 objects that he owned. It was a big experience for him. I find the fight against objects overwhelming. I am a magpie, alive to beautiful things, things that hold meaning for a short time. But all things go the same way and sooner or later you must 'burn what you love and love what you burn'.

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