13 February 2011


So I leapt out of bed in 'doing mode' and started getting the day under control and I looked up at the clouds and I actually had the thought 'what do I need to do to bring the sun out'.

I actually...had...that...thought!!!

I have a big job with lots of problems to solve everyday. I have a house full of ten years of landfill that I'm streamlining. I have a tonne of DIY. I have knitting. I'm busy. I tackle each problem with thinking of the end result that I want and then working backwards along the route till I get to the next action that I need to take.

I wanted sunshine and for a moment my mind clearly thought this proactive approach was going to work! Catching myself thinking this thought has really made me think that just maybe I should have a rethink here. So I'm visualising what it might be like to rethink this and I'm thinking - I have lost...the...plot.

So this week's task is to do some DIY on my mind to work out what thoughts are really worth being thunk amongst the landfill of crappy management tools i've been collecting for the past ten years. Thank you clouds.

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