30 January 2011

Geeking out

I'm on the move and I've been enhancing my travel knit-kit this weekend. Usually it is spartan:-scissors and a darning needle in a mint tin. Occasionally there might be a bit of yarn in a different colour to hold stitches or make stitch markers and that's it. I like the minimalism of it.

This week, however I faced the fact that I needed a row counter. My old manual stiff one just wouldn't do and the Vogue knitting application is also tedius to knit by (and doesn't lock!). And that's how I came to fall in love with this magnificent, nay, breathtaking, piece of design.

I love it! Bright soldier red, unapolagetic, straightforward and a perfect fit in the hand. Its instructions written on the back say 'to reset to zero, turn the gears in the direction of the arrows'. Of course. Simple. Classic. Perfectly itself. I am a new, and enthusiastic Clover geek.

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