23 January 2011

In the darkness

I have no beef with British weather. It brings change and cycles that allow us to change our focus from outside to in, to curl up, nest and warm our hearts before we are required to emerge furiously spring cleaning again. Right now I am enjoying the darkness of January - sitting still, late into its hidden evenings one can sift away what one doesn't need and pick up abandoned threads. Sometimes, sitting still can bring you progress. This particular FO was started in 2008. Suddenly today its muse reappeared and it was finished. It only took two and a half years to complete but I'm nothing if not dogged. Progress has its own mysteries.

These gloves came off my needles this week. They are cosy, warm and have a lovely but robust Alpaca haze. Heartwarming indeed.

And currently I'm doing sitting battle with a tank top of feathery light cashmere (I wince just thinking about the price). It is gorgeously pure, simple and straightforward yarn and I'm creating a straightforward pattern. The battle is the ripping I have to do from not having the brain capacity to count and watch films at the same time. Either the numbers go or the plot starts getting surreal - who knew the same bit of brain was needed for both.
Still, this kind of activity is perfectly guilt free in the darkness of January. It's the most reasonable behaviour in the world to shut the door, crack open a podcast, sip hot coffee and enjoy seeing the mysteries of progress uncurl in the way it sees fit.

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