27 November 2013


I wanted this blog to be a gratitude blog to help me appreciate the good stuff in life. But it seems to be more a reflection on those moments of insight that descend when you least expect them. A blog about moments.
That's fine, things have a way of finding their own form.
But for today, I'm going to force it's hand and write down some things I'm grateful for. This week has been tough but there have still been such good things in it.
First. My sweet daughters. I am inside out with gratitude for their every breath. Every day. Nothing is too hard to bear just as long as they are ok. My heart aches with what I feel for them. I am deeply grateful with every molecule of my body for every living molecule of theirs.
The wonderful comfort of a flickering warm open fire. We humans are deeply drawn to it and it is heartwarming indeed.
Meaningful food - the delicious chai I've just made. Home made chocolate cake. Hot coffee. Toast and marmalade. Fresh salads. Ahhhh blessings indeed.
The Alpaca yarn I'm knitting a new baby cardi with - feather soft. Aqua blue. Heaven.
The sea, the ocean, the wide deep salty pools of the Welsh coast. I will always love them.
Art - currently deeply inspired by Louis Bourgeois. What a woman.
Meditation - what an awesome tool, why do I always put it off when it does me so much healthful good.
Toasty socks, fresh tea, clean jeans, white t-shirts, peacocks and fabulous feathers, books of wisdom and knitting, snuggly cashmere cardigans, documentaries, naps, sparkles, shawls/wraps and handknitted blankets from friends. Photography. Clearing out cosy minimalist spaces, hot showers, sunshine on water, organic healthful skin products, massage, sleep on fluffy pillows, connections with new people, communities and social media. Contact. My amazing and awesomely inspiring friends. The cleanliness of a vegetarian diet.
This is my deliciousness this week. Thank you to whome it may concern. I have been blessed this week and I am grateful. xxx

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