18 November 2013

My Knitweek

I've had a wonderfully woolly week.  I'm feeling inspired and appetized by new stash full of promise and old projects picked up afresh. I lost my knitting mojo this year because I told myself I had to finish all the stale old projects I had lying around. My knitting duly ground to a halt as my will failed me - these projects were lying around for a reason. Eventually I realised life's too short to finish an oversized cardigan that I've run out of yarn for, or a disappointing shrug that I'm only finishing because it's cashmere or a half finished blanket that's too fiddley to be fun. So I took stock and decided it was out with the old and in with some new....

My knit week started with a pom pom pixie hat from 'Knitted Nursery'. My little Pea looks so squidgable in it. She has a cold poor squee thing. It's Debbie Bliss Andes wool and it's soooooo soft and perfect to keep her wee little head warm.
Rav link to the pattern here:-

I've been working on my collection of Tubeys - Tube gloves featuring different colourwork designs.
Here's a simple starter Fair Isle project called 'Heartstrings' - strings of easy and satisfying hearts that knit up superquickly (especially with 25cm circulars - no faffing with double-pointeds necessary these days).
They were knitted by the sea. Pattern coming soon.

Other knits still in progress include these Fair Isle armwarmers which I am SO enjoying. They have been accompanying my enjoyable journey through watching 'Breaking bad' and are now coming out the other side. I find them just so exquisitely delicious that I think they might have been designed just for me. Box set knitting is such a treat.

And finally, if all that wasn't good enough - I've been investing in kit - fabulous knit pro carbon fibre Karbonz - just lush!

 Happy knitweek folks! Hope you are fortunate enough to indulge your needles freely this week and here's some knit-listening inspiration:-

Talks from Aloka - an enlightened buddhist which, combined with meditative knitting, will sort your head out entirely. http://dharmamind.podbean.com/

Sending Love xxx

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